Carlos González Castañón

  • Former Consul Ad Honorem of Spain
  • Former President of the Mexican National Association of Consuls (Northern Mexico)
  • Spanish business association AEDHE representative for Mexico
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant



I'm passionate about what I do, and never do things half-heartedly.


I believe it's pointless to do something if you're not going to do it well.


I'm not afraid to ask the difficult questions and have the difficult conversations.


Business, Public Relations, Diplomat and Political Experience.

Jan 2003 - Present

Thanks to my positions and to my professional international experience promoting bilateral relations.


Columbia Business School. United States of America

Value Investment, Making Intelligent Investment Decisions

Tecnologico de Monterrey. Mexico

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Consejo Europeo de Doctores y Doctores Honoris Causa


ESERP Business and Law School

Distinguished Ad Honorem Professor


Blanca E. Zarazua

Lawyer. California, U.S.A.

Carlos is an experienced and astute business man as well as a wonderful individual. He dedicates 200% to all projects undertaken and yet never forgets the human side of the equation. Work with Carlos if you are looking for a competent and competitive team player who understands people. Blanca Zarazua, Attorney & Honorary Consul for Mexico in California, USA

Rocio Fausto

Real Estate Investment Consultant. Georgia, U.S.A.

Carlos is a proactive person always looking for opportunities to promote the bilateral relation between Spain and Mexico and the EU. He is a world-class, worthy, and reliable professional to work with.

Paco Gimenez-Salinas

Head A.i. of the Independent Redress Mechanism. Seoul, Korea.

Carlos Gonzalez Castañon is a person highly committed to the causes whose guardianship is entrusted to him. The Spaniards in Mexico can feel relaxed and safe to count on his help.

Nicolas Yarahuan

Dermatologist at IMSS. Torreon, Mexico.

Excellent treatment, and an impressive curriculum; He is a person with whom one can work since he is very capable and provides high-quality in his services as an advisor.

Carlos De Uribarri Marban

Restauración de Valor de Activos. Madrid, Spain.

I am very pleased to be able to endorse Carlos. As Consul of Spain in Torreón, Carlos has a deep understanding of the structure of businesses, companies, and industries in northern Mexico, and is a very proactive person who provides the information and support that companies need.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Villanueva

Director - Solar Energy Division at RCN Equipos y Servicios. Monterrey, Mexico.

I highly recommend Carlos Gonzalez Castañon as a Serious, Honorable person and of my greatest confidence.

Jorge Habib

Senior Sourcing & Procurement. Torreon, Mexico

Carlos is a very respectable and honorable person, highly representing the Spain Consulate here in Mexico.

Gaspar Morgado Rodriguez

Personal and Executive Coach. Business Mentor. Andalusia, Spain.

Mr. Carlos Gonzalez Castañon is a person fully dedicated to the bilateral promotion of relations and business between Spain-Mexico. Willing to collaborate and advise businessmen with interests in both countries in a professional and selfless manner. For he continues to be the trusted person on whom we will continue to lean for future projects.